Warehouse & Logistics

Inventory is the life force of a commercial business, making warehouse and logistics security one of the most crucial aspects of running a successful company.  Your stored inventory marks an end-point to the hard work that is required to coordinate, create and manage the goods that your business provides. In order to grow your business, your inventory must be properly managed and protected to ensure that it secures a fitting profit.

Unfortunately, unsecured warehouses make easy targets for criminals looking to swipe high-value inventory at small or large quantities. Warehouse theft is one of the most detrimental problems faced by commercial businesses, as it can contribute to sunk costs and unreliable management. This can in turn misinform key inventory restocking decisions, further delay order fulfilment and drive down revenue.

Aside from warehouse theft, the warehouse and logistics sector in Australia is also disproportionately vulnerable to workplace accidents and injuries. More than half a million people in Australia work within the warehouse and logistics sector. These people often work in high-risk environments that can contain potentially hazardous machinery, harmful substances, falling objects, poorly lit areas, crowded floor spaces and truck loading zones.

Other risk factors within a warehouse environment can include:

  • Physical strain caused by manual handling
  • Vehicles
  • Box cutters, knives and other sharp objects
  • Insufficient protective equipment
  • Slips and trips

Warehouse and logistics require additional security measures to compensate for the increased risks

To develop an appropriate management system that protects your inventory and employees, businesses must implemexnt rigorous security protocols. It is only through proactive security measures that the warehouse and logistics sector can limit incidents and create an environment that drives employee engagement and business growth.

Warehouse security must be proactive. It’s not enough to just monitor staff or secure inventory. A fully-fledged security strategy must identify risks before they evolve into actual incidents.

A Constant security strategy is committed to risk mitigation and workplace health and safety.

We collaborate with you to:

Ensure employee safety at all times

Constant’s security personnel go above and beyond to ensure your employees remain safe at all times. By maintaining a physical presence and keeping tabs on CCTV surveillance, we can implement compliance with your business’s workplace health and safety protocol. Our team can quickly identify and manage hazards, meaning your employees can focus on their work without worrying about their safety.

Protect high-value inventory from theft and damage by internal and external parties

It’s impractical for management to watch over valuable inventory and equipment 24/7. That’s why our security team keeps a constant eye on your inventory, allowing us to take immediate action upon the detection of theft or misconduct. With a suite of cutting-edge technology by their side, our security personnel can quickly identify suspicious behaviour and shut down burglary attempts before they occur.

Enforce property security

An important part of running a safe and secure warehouse is ensuring breaches of the physical property do not occur. After all, the security of your business depends on limiting access to certain individuals. Our experienced security personnel observe your property’s perimeter and watch for suspicious behaviour by vehicles or individuals. No matter whether an incident occurs within the car park, entrance point or property line, our security professionals are equipped to enhance your security measures both inside and outside.

Why Constant?

A Constant solution takes an all-inclusive approach to security. We understand that each client is different and requires custom built security measures that take into account its industry, context and workforce. But while each of our solutions look different, they all share one key detail: we’re there for you when it matters.

24/7 support

Our friendly team is only ever a phone call away. No security question is ever too small or too big for our experts to handle.

National expertise

Local problems require local solutions. With 8 offices spread across Australia, you can be certain that our staff has access to local knowledge, which they utilise to deliver a localised response to security issues.

Innovative technology

Our custom security solutions are backed by cutting-edge technology. From operational drones and body cameras to robotics and thermal imaging, we rely on the best of the best to excel at what we do.

Enhanced transparency

Our aim is to work collaboratively with you at all times. We prioritise transparency in our work, so you can be certain that you are receiving real-time updates.


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