Shopping Centres

Shopping centres are high-traffic areas that attract millions of visitors across the country daily.

As with all densely populated locations, there are numerous security concerns that must be addressed when implementing a rigorous safety management system within a shopping centre as the management of public liability is paramount. In addition to the typical security issues that arise from crowds, shopping centres are also exposed to unique challenges due to the vast amount of services and shops within them. Retail stores, supermarkets, entertainment facilities and restaurants all face specific security concerns that can be intensified when set amidst the crowded context of a shopping centre.

While many assume that the primary security concern within shopping centres is theft, there are a multitude of other concerns that a shopping centre may encounter in its day-to-day operation.

Security personnel act as the main point of contact for shopping centre staff and guests if they experience or witness any kind of emergency or criminal activity. By providing a regular and consistent presence throughout the shopping centre, security personnel keep an eye out for suspicious activity and efficiently address any concerns should they arise. 

How a Constant security solution can enhance your centre’s operational efficiencies

In order to provide diligent service, shopping centre security personnel should be able to quickly respond to unanticipated situations while also playing a part in customer service and the management of public liability exposures. At Constant, our team has a comprehensive understanding of the security and safety requirements within the dynamic, fast-paced shopping centre environment. We understand the importance of implementing an in-depth security framework that prioritises the safety of all shoppers, tenants, contractors, staff and shopping centre assets.

The team at Constant strives for operational excellence and are highly trained in responding to the threats that can impact the operations of a shopping centre, including:

Medical emergencies and first aid

The high turnover of people means that medical emergencies are relatively common within shopping centres. Security personnel must actively be on the lookout for any medical emergencies and, when confronted with them, provide first aid and arrange any other necessary responses, including contacting emergency services.


The bustling setting of a shopping centre runs a significant risk of being abused by criminals looking to target unsuspecting people, while remaining concealed amongst the crowds. Personal disputes within shopping centres can also turn violent if not properly de-escalated by a trained security expert. Incorporating a high level of security within a shopping centre can help to prevent assault by actively monitoring for suspicious activity, both by foot and via technology.

Missing persons

The somewhat-chaotic nature of shopping centres means that it’s not uncommon for children or other vulnerable people to get lost or separated from their caregiver. Our security team understands that time is of the essence when it comes to responding to missing persons. Each Constant security professional is well-trained in organising quick and methodical responses to missing persons.

Crowd control

In Australia, retail crime costs businesses around $9 billion collectively each year. Trained security personnel can not only respond to instances of theft, but also deter shoplifting before it even occurs. Implementing a comprehensive security solution that incorporates both on-foot security personnel and cutting-edge technology is key to protecting businesses from retail crime.

Fire and structural hazards

The expansive, enclosed space of a shopping centre can be particularly vulnerable to fire or other safety hazards such as power failures and gas leaks. A core component of applying a strong emergency plan in a shopping centre is ensuring you have experienced security staff who can direct people away from hazards and coordinate an appropriate response to unsuspected hazards.

Shoplifting and vandalism

Crowd control is key to managing a security system within a shopping centre. Shopping centres can at times be unprepared for the unpredictable amount of crowds that can congregate in specific areas, especially during sales time. Constant’s security team are experts at conducting security assessments of shopping centre crowds and following management protocols to regulate entrances and exits to ensure safety. 

What makes Constant different

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Innovative Technology

Our custom security solutions are backed by modern technology, including operational cloud platforms, body cameras, robotics and thermal imaging.

Enhanced Transparency

We prioritise transparency in our work, so you can be certain that you are receiving real-time updates.

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