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The Century Venues portfolio and specifically the Enmore Theatre is considered the birthplace of our affiliation with live music and theatre venues in Sydney.


Constant successfully took over services at the Enmore Theatre in 2004. At the time we were told that no previous service provider had delivered services there for more than one year before they were replaced. With this knowledge we set out to ensure we made a difference and sixteen years later Constant is still delivering services to Century Venues. Once again, this success is a testament to our rigorous efforts in listening to our client, providing solutions and then implementing continuous improvements throughout our continued journey with Century Venues, exceeding their expectations and aspirations.

Our services to Century grew as our engaging approach to partnerships furnished trust and demonstrated our ability to deliver. Our success at the Enmore Theatre led on to the Metro Theatre in 2007, a venue that still stands as one of the limited live concert venues in the Sydney CBD. Later, The Factory Theatre was developed adjacent to the Century Head Office in Marrickville and opened in 2008, which was followed by the Comedy Store in 2009. Constant also commenced delivering event security services to The University of Sydney Union’s Manning Bar in 2018.

Ability to meet demand

Venue services include all aspects of venue security operations including entry/egress control, screening and bag checks, roving and response, responsible service of alcohol, barricade / moshpit trained staff and supervision. Events across the portfolio range in complexity, genre, and demographics and include everything from children’s performances, to Comedy, Theatre, Hip Hop, RnB and Hard Rock. It is in our DNA to provide services where the customer’s needs continually changes. All events have documented reports and incidents are recorded in line with the relevant legislation.

To add value to our human deployment to each venue, Constant embarked on implementing an innovative tech solution, deploying a standardised surveillance environment across the venues to support licensing requirements as well as crucial evidence capture and opportunities to improve the performance of our staff as a value added initiative. Our support extends to entering a partnership as a Founding Ambassador to assist with the restoration of the Victoria Theatre in Newcastle, a cultural project being championed by Century Venues.

Services they Use


We provide crowd management for crowds in a venue/event capacity to all locations. Crowd capacity at Enmore Theatre is 2280; Metro Theatre – 1700; Factory – 250 – 600 The Comedy Store – 290; The Manning Bar – 990.


Providing customer centric security services as an extension to the venue service team across all internal venues. Patron and visitor numbers vary depending on venue and demographics vary according to the genre of performance. Patrons regularly ranging from 500 to 2,000 per venue space.


Our teams are proactive in responding and escalating to incidents as per both the Constant and Century Venues Policies and Procedures.


Providing risk assessment and evaluation prior new events held at Century Venues.

Services they Use



Highlighting our most recent and relevant experience, is our seamless transition into 90 supermarkets and distribution centres for Woolworths, delivering a range of services from Covid 19 temperature testing, customer service, gatehouse and loading dock security,



Our early days working with Myer meant that they had an opportunity to compare our services with other providers, eventuating in being awarded the entire national contract. That was 8 years ago.

As one of the many faces that represent Myer on a daily basis, our High-Profile Loss Prevention officers act as a deterrent for retail theft while they carry out patrol duties in store. Operating on in-house intelligence the team focus on target areas within each of the stores and interface with both floor staff and customers alike to heighten their awareness of their presence. All incidence of loss prevention and identification of risk to the store is reported in accordance with Myer procedures.

Our agile and nimble response to the changing environment brought about a worldwide pandemic delivered a people counting tech solution to 44 Myer stores across Australia. This solution integrated our security officers using technology, which provided Myer real-time visibility of store shopper and visitor capacity, ensuring Australian government Covid compliance on one of the busiest retail days – Black Friday 2020. On this day Constant counted more than 1 million people movements, simultaneously across 44 stores through multiple entry / exits access points.

Fox Studios

Since 2013, Constant has been supplying 247 security services to Fox Studios Australia (FSA), which is a sensitive commercial environment where our staff are responsible for the management of access and safety across a wide range of clientele and their visitors. Our staff are engaged in control room activities as the hub of the security operation from where access to the site is also controlled using technical systems such as intercoms, boom gates and video verification. This team our customer with the regularity of resources and our staff with the consistency in knowledge that they require to effectively operate the studios. When there is a production on site, such as The Voice, our event team are engaged to plan, manage, resource and execute the specialist requirements associated with talent and VIP management, live audiences, crowd management and emergency management and response. This allows our regular site team to continue to operate their daily duties uninterrupted while maintaining clear lines of communication for such responsibilities as Chief Fire Warden capacity in the event of an emergency.


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