Enhanced transparency, automation & compliance delivers greater control.

Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements is proactively adhered to by Constant at all levels, from our Executive Leadership Team to our security officers on the frontline. Our IMS (Integrated Management System) contains our policies and procedures, ensuring we are compliant with laws and regulations in the security industry, and providing Constant with a roadmap for daily operations, a guide for decision making and streamlining internal processes. Our systems and practices ensure operational excellence, continuously aiming to provide enhanced transparency, automation and compliance. We are accredited as follows:

Work, Health & Safety

Constant is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees and clients. We maintain a documented Safety Management System within our IMS, certified to ISO 45001 standards, which outlines the overall strategy and ensure compliance with Workplace Health Safety Act 2011.


We have attained accreditation of our Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2015 standard. Under the standard Constant is subjected to regular independent audits to ensure our quality management procedures are compliant with international standards.


Constant has a Safety and Environmental Management procedure which is accredited by SAI Global for ISO 14001:2015. We have a genuine commitment to sustainability and to reducing the impact on the environment throughout our business practices, by minimising impact on air quality, reducing waste through recycling, minimising paper use and offsetting carbon emissions.


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