Hotels & Resorts

No matter whether you’re travelling for work or leisure, hotels and resorts provide a safe and welcoming place to refresh for the day ahead. A memorable experience within a hotel or resort relies upon numerous factors: cleanliness, comfortable rooms, friendly staff and quality security measures. While all of these things may sound unrelated, they all wind down to one point: providing excellent customer service.

Guests expect to feel safe and protected at a hotel, regardless of whether they’re staying at a luxurious 5 star resort or a homely hostel. Hotel security systems ensure that the staff and guests, along with their physical belongings, are kept safe from crime, theft or damage. 

A strong security strategy is required to combat the inherent vulnerabilities of hotels and resorts

When on holidays, people don’t typically take the same safety precautions that they would in their everyday life. Valuable belongings are often left unattended in lobbies and private rooms. This combined with the standard ‘open door’ policy in hospitality, makes hotels particularly vulnerable to security threats. 

In addition to the usual hospitality security issues, each hotel will have site-specific concerns. If your hotel is in a quiet neighbourhood or has numerous empty corridors and staircases, the presence of security officers can make all the difference in preventing crime and ensuring that your guests feel safe to enjoy their holiday. Physical surveillance can play a powerful role in not only quickly and efficiently responding to incidents, but also actively preventing them.

How Constant can improve your hotel or resort’s security

Constant is no stranger to delivering exceptional security services to luxury and premium accommodation clients and their guests. The team at Constant understands that your hotel or resort’s reputation is closely linked to its security measures.

Our trained security professionals can reinforce your safety procedures by:

  • Monitoring hotel entrances and exits
  • Preventing property damage
  • Patrolling hallways, parking lots, gardens, stairwells, lobbies, hotel restaurants and bars for suspicious activity
  • Quickly responding to emergencies
  • Protecting guest and staff belongings in addition to hotel assets
  • Escorting unruly or intoxicated guests off the premises
  • Escorting guests or staff to their vehicles or rooms if they voice concern over their safety
  • Communicating with staff and management in real-time, including via phone or radio
  • Providing exceptional customer service
  • Integrating with your inhouse security teams

What makes Constant different

24/7 support

Our team understands that security is a constant concern (after all, it’s in our name). We’re available 24/7 to provide you with expert support and helpful guidance on security, whenever and wherever you need it. The client-centric philosophy of Constant forms the foundation of all of our services.

National expertise

Constant is a wholly owned Australian company, with 8 offices spread across the country. Our national footprint allows us to fully harness local knowledge in our premiere security solutions.

Innovative technology

No security team is ever complete without cutting-edge technology by their side. Constant utilises modern technologies to deliver efficient and transparent services. With drones, bodycams, thermal imaging and robotics in our toolkit, you can be certain that all of our security professionals are equipped with innovative gadgets that support them to do what they do best.

Extensive experience

For almost 20 years, Constant has been protecting Australian communities and businesses with high quality security solutions. Our trained professionals seamlessly integrate into any context or pre-existing security system. Over the years, our tailored security solutions have stabilised our place as a leader in the security industry. 

Solve your security problems by getting in touch with Constant

Constant is dedicated to crafting bespoke security solutions to compliment any hotel or resort’s existing safety measures, no matter what that might look like. Reach out to our attentive team today to discover how easy it can be to implement a custom security system that your guests will appreciate.


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