Regardless of whether you’re shopping for a toothbrush or a pair of designer shoes, everyone relies on a level of retail security when running errands at a store. Without adequate security measures that protect the goods, customers and staff within retail spaces, the industry that generates a $350 billion turnover in Australia runs the risk of crumbling into disorder.

While the specific details of a security and loss prevention strategy will differ from store to store, one thing is for certain: retail requires a robust security and loss prevention strategy that not only upholds a quick response time to incidents, but also prevents crime and antisocial behaviour.

A strong security and loss prevention strategy is integral to the ongoing survival of a retail store

When was the last time you entered a store without an alarm, video surveillance or access control technology?

Security is just as important to retail as the goods or services that a store sells. Without sufficient security measures in place, retail stores can experience an avalanche of ongoing problems, including theft, injuries, damaged inventory, vandalism and fraud. Each security issue is closely intertwined with other important areas that affect the profitability of your business, including staff engagement and retention, customer service capacity and inventory management systems.

At Constant, our security personnel are highly trained in a range of security issues that influence retail stores at all levels. Our extensive experience working with diverse clients across various retail trades has solidified our position as a leader in Australia’s retail security industry.



How Constant can transform your retail business’s security measures

Crime and other security issues can occur in any kind of retail space, no matter its size, location or the goods that it sells. Supermarkets, pharmacies, discount stores and department stores alike all require a strong security system that confronts specific areas of concern.

At Constant, our security experts have worked in a diverse range of retail environments and possess the necessary skills to enhance your current security operations.

Prevalent retail security issues that our expertise covers are:

Inventory damage and vandalism

It’s important to remember that your inventory does not just require protection against theft. Inventory damage and vandalism is also a key contributor to stock shrinkage in retail stores. 

To minimise the risks associated with inventory damage, security personnel identify and respond to potential hazards that could damage your products, while simultaneously stopping individuals from purposefully damaging or vandalising items.


Retail fraud exists in a wide variety of forms and can involve individuals purchasing items with stolen credit cards or counterfeit money, altering labels or price tags on goods, or requesting refunds for purchases that were never made. The complex nature of fraud makes it tricky to identify and all the more important to solve as efficiently as possible. 

As security personnel are highly trained to detect threats, the likelihood of fraud going unnoticed is dramatically decreased in the presence of a security professional. The presence of reliable security personnel also provides retail staff with the confidence to report or confront suspicious behaviour that they notice. 

Injuries and accidents

From slips and trips to falls, there are a range of accidents and injuries that can occur within a retail setting. For retail staff specifically, injuries arising from lifting, handling or overexertion can also cause significant problems regarding workplace health and safety.

Our security personnel are trained in first aid and can quickly respond to injuries and accidents to limit any complications. 

Physical and verbal altercations

Everyone who has ever worked in retail can recall a story about an altercation with a customer that got out of hand. Unfortunately, customers can demand unreasonable requests from retail staff and grow frustrated or even angry when their demands are not met. 

Security personnel actively protect retail workers and customers from altercations before they turn aggressive. Constant security personnel are adept at both de-escalating conflicts and, by maintaining a regular and persistent presence, discouraging customers from acting aggressively towards staff.

Shoplifting and theft

Retail crime, including shoplifting and robbery, costs Australian businesses around $9 billion a year. Despite this, less than 20% of retail crimes are reported to the police. The prevalence of shoplifting and the lack of reparations for the lost costs caused by it can be particularly damaging to small businesses. 

An active security presence deters criminal activity and protects your business’s assets with the utmost care. Business owners can have peace of mind knowing that the only way that their products are leaving the store is with a legitimate receipt.


Constant delivers dependable custom security services for retail stores looking to implement an all-encompassing loss prevention strategy

Partnering with Constant to enhance your security system is an investment into safeguarding your business and its employees. Since 2003, we have been providing retail stores across Australia with our market-leading loss prevention security services.

With training in customer service and the capacity to respond to unforeseen events in line with your business’s protocols, our security personnel form part of your broader network of customer relations processes. 

We understand that security threats can take countless forms. Our highly-trained security personnel are committed to providing bespoke security solutions that are suited to your unique retail context, whatever that may be.

Why Constant?

24/7 support

Our friendly team is only ever a phone call away. No security question is ever too small or too big for our experts to handle.

National expertise

As an Australian business, we understand that local problems require local solutions. With 8 offices spread across the country, you can be certain that our experts have access to local knowledge to deliver a hyper-focused security solution.

Innovative technology

Our custom security solutions are supported by our collection of cutting-edge technology and tools. From operational drones and body cameras to robotics and thermal imaging, we use our technology to amplify our skill sets and provide consistently excellent results.

Enhanced transparency

Cooperation forms the foundation for our relationships with clients as we strive to collaborate on an enhanced security solution that targets real-time problems. We prioritise transparency in all aspects of our operations, so you’ll always be aware of developments as they happen.


Implement a strong security and loss prevention strategy that supports business growth with Constant

Retail security isn’t an area that you can afford to cut corners in. Your security and loss prevention strategy directly contributes to the success of your business. Ensure that your retail store onboards a leading security company that is experienced in providing custom and flexible security measures.

Get in touch with Constant today to discover how our customer-focused security systems and retail loss prevention expertise could help your business.


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