Data Centres

It’s no secret that data centres are an essential part of our lives – both online and offline.

Data centres and colocation facilities house valuable assets that facilitate the storing, processing and dissemination of important intelligence.

Organisations rely on the integrity of data centres to maintain critical business applications and protect sensitive data. While digital security is often prioritised when it comes to corporate computers and networks, one facet of security is too frequently dismissed: physical security.

The centralised location of a data centre makes it particularly vulnerable to physical security threats. Combined with the valuable information and expensive equipment that is stored within a data centre, it’s fundamental for businesses to consider all aspects of security when protecting their data centre.


Proactive data centre security strategies demand more than just digital precautions

Data centre security describes the precautionary measures set in place to protect data centres from threats that compromise their integrity. Depending on its purpose, the physical security of your data centre directly impacts key business functions and limits the likelihood of harmful breaches. 

Threats to data centres aren’t always purposeful or criminal in their intent. Damage caused by noncompliance, unauthorised access to certain areas and other safety concerns must be taken into account when implementing a data centre security strategy.

Security threats are intricate by their nature and so is our approach to dealing with them. Our high performing security professionals respond to potential threats and enforce your organisation’s security procedures with custom solutions. With Constant as your security partner, you can be certain that your digital assets can continue functioning in the way they were intended to.


How Constant’s Data Centre security strategies ensure data integrity is maintained

Constant’s security strategies are designed to be incorporated into your current system to enhance its operational capacity.

No matter how we customise your security measures, you can be assured that our team will:

Ensure staff and visitors comply with security procedures

Noncompliance with security procedures can be irreversibly damaging to your data centre. 

Constant’s security personnel provide direction and guidance to staff and visitors, which in turn contributes to an overall awareness of company security protocols. Ignorance of protocols such as smoking bans or the possession of prohibited items can damage the integrity of critical equipment. By monitoring the activity of staff and visitors, our security professionals can quickly detect security violations and act accordingly.

Enabling the quick identification of security breaches is vital for organisations looking to promote the physical security of staff, visitors and assets.

Conduct thorough surveillance and monitoring

Surveillance plays a prominent role in enforcing data centre security. 

Constant’s security personnel are highly trained in detecting irregular conditions that may indicate security threats. Our team’s alertness and quick problem solving skills allows them to confront suspicious activity before an actual security breach arises. Dedicated foot, vehicular and camera surveillance means that our professionals can monitor for intrusion alarms or any other kind of environmental security threat, such as fire or electrical faults.

Regardless of what our surveillance uncovers, your organisation will be the first to know of any developments as soon as they occur. 

Perform access control

A majority of security threats to data centres can be wound down to one issue: access control.

Our team is experienced in performing different types of access control measures, including pedestrian traffic control, limiting access to classified information or critical areas, and patrolling the property’s perimeter. Supported by some of the most cutting-edge technology in the industry, your Constant security professional can establish the identity of staff or visitors and ensure the right people have access to the appropriate resources.


How Constant can improve the security of your data centre

24/7 support

Our dedicated customer service team is only ever a phone call away. No security question is ever too small or too big for our experts to handle – no matter the time of day.

National expertise

As an Australian business, we realise that local problems require local solutions. With 8 offices spread across the country, our experts have access to local knowledge that assists them in delivering a hyper-focused security solution.

Innovative technology

Our custom security solutions are supported by our reserve of cutting-edge technology and practical tools. From operational drones and body cameras to robotics and thermal imaging, we utilise our technology to amplify our skill sets and provide consistently excellent results.

Enhanced transparency

In order to target relevant concerns, we prioritise collaboration and open communication in our client relationships. We ensure transparency in all aspects of our operations, so we can work together with clients to build the most comprehensive security strategy possible.


Elevate your security strategy to the next level with Constant

Your data centre is critical to the ongoing success of your organisation. 

Don’t delay the implementation of a strong security stragey that properly reflects the integral role that your data centre plays. Get in touch with the experts at Constant to discuss how our flexible approach to security could maximise protection and minimise risk for your data centre.


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