Innovative Technology

Latest technology to maximise your capacity and capability.

For over a decade, Constant has been developing and deploying technology to safeguard our clients’ assets and personnel. Our systems improve the availability of information and communication, increase productivity, ensure safety and enhance processes.

Body Cameras

Body Cameras have proven to be an effective tool in recording and keeping data and evidence while minimising risk. We use body cameras with clients requiring de-escalations and verification tools, such as perimeter patrol services and where our customer service officers interact with our client’s customers and visitors.

Body Worn Video Cameras provide reassurance, confidence, and support so security guards have the support they need to improve their effectiveness on the job. If your security needs are located in high-risk sites, talk to Constant about our special security guard services with body-worn cameras which can also be integrated with specific IP CCTV Solutions.

Unbreakable Security

AES encryption in a body camera, risk mitigation and security has been at the heart of Constant for a long time.

Front Facing Screen

This feature has a proven to have a calming effect on people being recorded and maximises transparency with the public. When appropriate, the screen can also be used to view the video back in the field or turned off completely.

One-touch record

Having a single, quick and simple activation is an essential feature in our body cameras. The intuitive red sliding switch is a positive action that confirms the activation by the physical position change on the camera and is easy to operate for Constant security officers on the go.

Live Stream

High-quality video can now be seen live anywhere in the world allowing real-time situational awareness and decision making. This ability has the potential to completely transform incident handling and outcomes, giving our customers a new tool to enhance their effectiveness.

GPS Aware

The D5 includes GPS information in the video metadata when paired with a smartphone during recording. This brings important positioning information into the frame.

Bluetooth Triggers

Bluetooth triggers allow the D5 camera to be activated remotely via a beacon, freeing the user from manually turning the camera on. For example, the D5 can be triggered to start recording automatically when the officer wearing the camera leaves his vehicle.

Thermal Imaging

Constant can offer thermal screening as an adjunct to our security services offering. Thermal imaging used at property access points can screen visitors and occupants, notifying an operator of an elevated body temperature. The image of the person can be saved or emailed to a given location/address. Thermal screening/imagery can also be carried out by drones identifying temperatures at a distance using FLIR technology. This feature could identify individuals with elevated body temperatures in a crowd or identify and measure hot or cool air is escaping from a building. These data insights assist in making informed decisions on operational efficiencies.

Drones & Robotics

We have developed protocols in partnership with the Institute of Drone Technology to include the use of drone technology in our service delivery. Drone technology may be deployed when observing and reporting – including activation response – enabling crowd monitoring, patrols of large open spaces, production areas, car parks, roof tops and property borders. Autonomous patrols by a drone provide real-time recordable and measurable insights and data. Drone technology can also assist in the overarching security management plan to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


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