All commercial offices require some level of security

No matter whether you are managing a portfolio of assets,
leasing a small office space or multiple floors within a large commercial complex.

Commercial Office

The most important aspect of keeping your assets secure and your people safe is ensuring that your security strategy is scalable and customisable to your specific needs. Your business is different to the next one, which is why Constant approaches every customer with open eyes. Investing in a high-quality service provider that looks after you is key to protecting your people, property and your bottom line.

Constant remains at the forefront of bespoke, innovative security services assisting commercial office owners and operators with both high calibre security personnel and technological innovations. Our structured processes ensure that we hand select, develop and equip individuals that will enhance and improve your operations and security outcomes. It’s these solutions that enable your organisation to get on with what is most important.

We understand that all commercial office environments are affected by various issues that are unique to their business, location and team members. Our broad experience in providing security solutions and personnel to commercial offices has allowed us to develop targeted responses to both common and distinct challenges.

How we can help your commercial office and base building operations

Our broad experience in providing high calibre security personnel and solutions to commercial offices has allowed us to develop targeted responses to both common and distinct challenges. The team at Constant can actively keep your commercial office secure by taking the following measures:

  • Providing a welcoming, watchful presence integrated into your building operations
  • Trained operatives that keep your assets protected and your people safe
  • Discreetly identifying suspicious behaviour
  • Monitoring various CCTV and BMS systems
  • Conducting routine and random security checks
  • Coordinating mobile patrol vehicle or foot security presence
  • Ensuring all lock-up procedures are followed at the end of the day
  • Providing updates on security developments and reporting on hazards or maintenance issues
  • Conducting risk assessments and providing solutions to problems

Constant takes concerted action to ensure that office workers remain safe in their workplace.
Depending on the operation, our Commercial Office services can include:

24/7 Support

Transparent Systems

Innovative Technology

Why Constant?


The team at Constant delivers strong highly-trained security professionals that are supported by innovative technology and transparent systems.

Security can’t be condensed into business days or office hours. That’s why Constant provides a permanent high-quality security solution that is backed by 24/7 support. Our client-centric approach means that we can tailor security services to suit your organisation’s specific security needs, whatever they are. We maintain regular contact with clients to ensure that we are continually utilising their feedback and new research to improve our overall efficiencies.

With 8 offices spread across Australia, you can be assured that your commercial office is receiving localised and consistent service. It’s our presence across Australia that has underpinned our ability to offer security services of any size or scale for almost 20 years.


Constant’s mission is to safeguard organisations and their stakeholders by providing a customised security solution powered by our highly-trained staff and industry-leading technology. Since 2003, Constant has been providing Australians with peace of mind with our comprehensive security services. Our attentive staff are committed to delivering quality customer service by seamlessly integrating with your team.



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