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Services We Provide

  • Protective
  • Entertainment
  • Risk & Safety
  • Technology

Security services exist to meet the real needs of an ever-changing, never quite a certain world. Understanding the scope and shape of those needs and delivering flawless, tailored solutions has been our primary business focus for over a decade.


CONSTANT Protective Services aim to protect customers’ assets, reduce their risk exposure and optimise safety. We are relentless in our pursuit of service excellence, with a record of success that speaks for itself. We are Constant.


CONSTANT service – 24hrs per day, 365 days per year.

Constant has earned its status as the premier provider of event and venues security services.
With a core team assigned exclusively to the design and implementation of event and venue security solutions, we are the benchmark service provider.


Behind the scenes, you need well-trained presence, skilled crowd control, professional event and venue security. That’s why people keep coming back to Constant.

With over a decade of experience, the Constant team can assist you with every phase of your security, from pre-planning to design and implementation to ongoing operational efficiency measurement.


Constant is perfectly placed to ensure the continuity of your enterprise, its compliance with government regulations and minimisation of risk exposure.


We go one step further, providing first-class training and education services for individuals and companies.

For over a decade, Constant has been developing and deploying technology to safeguard your assets and personnel. Simply, we deliver a more effective, client-centric security program.


Constant 360, is an integrated risk, safety and security management system. Our system improves the availability of information and communication, increases productivity, improves safety and enhances processes.


Our technology enhances the services Constant provides and improves your ability to receive instant access to your facility’s critical information. You can access your account information 24/7.

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Our vision is to be Australia’s

#1 Security Provider.




Constant defines every facet of our business. It is our name, the measure of our integrity, our commitment, and our quality. Constant exists to deliver professional services and solutions to support your goals and thereby extend your capabilities.


We are a wholly-owned Australian organisation that has operated our various security-centric operations since 2003.


We secure your assets, minimise your risk, and deliver a broad scope of quality services, more than meeting your highest expectations. When you partner with Constant, your trust is rewarded with outstanding results.

Clients Who Trust Us

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