For over a decade, Constant has been developing and deploying technology to safeguard your assets and personnel. Simply, we deliver a more effective, client-centric security program.

Constant 360, is an integrated risk, safety and security management system. Our system improves the availability of information and communication, increases productivity, improves safety and enhances processes.

Our technology enhances the services Constant provides and improves your ability to receive instant access to your facilities critical information. You can access your account information 24/7.



  • Constant 360 – Risk, Safety & Security

    Constant 360 is a comprehensive business optimisation risk and compliance platform. A true integrated management system developed for Risk, Safety, Health, Environment, Quality, Governance and Compliance. All the functions are in the one application, not in module.

    • QHSE Risk and Compliance
    • Business Optimisation
    • BI Reporting
    • Mobility

    Constant 360 allows us to create a dedicated web based, highly configurable, integrated management solution for our customers. This will allow all authorised users 24-hour access, 365 days allowing us to cover all current and future challenges that may be faced, providing an enterprise solution to meet and exceed all contract requirements such as SLAs and KPI’s.

    Speak to use today about how Constant 360 can minimise your risk, improve your safety, security and business growth.

    Inductions & eLearning
    Constant 360 will get you up to speed quickly with its full e-learning system, including courses, training need analysis and competency assessments.

    Incident Management
    Constant 360 is a fully configurable incident system with actions, workflows, investigations, findings, for any type of incident or event management process. Together with the systems dashboard and reporting, your business will develop valuable insights.

    Risk Management
    Constant 360 is a Full Risk Management system with:

    • Flexile risk matrices
    • Inherent & residential risks
    • Controls
    • Control Owners
    • Risk & control actions
    • Treatments
    • Enterprise
    • Project & operational risk management

    Audit, Inspection & Observations
    Constant 360 provides a fully configurable audit, inspection & observation forms and checklists, ratings, scoring, non-conformance and corrective actions. All with scheduling and tracking.

    Compliance Management
    Constant 360 will help you manage your compliance and legal obligation registers, license and permit registers. The platform will assist you with review notifications and expiry date reminders, ensuring you remain on top. You can also link to procedures, raise compliance actions and manage compliance calendars.

    Workers Comp & Injury Management
    Reduce your paperwork and manage workers compensation processes more efficiently. Constant 360 will assist with claims, injury management, return to work plans, rehabilitation medical appointments, expense claims, compensation and medical service providers.

    Mobility – iOS and Android
    Constant 360 is a full offline system on Windows based devices (ideal for remote and offshore industries).

    Business Intelligence Reporting
    Constant 360 provides with a first class Business Intelligence system allowing you to create reports and dashboards to suit your needs and requirements. These can be distributed to multiple users. With Constant 360 Business Intelligence Reporting your business will build great intel overtime, helping you further improve safety and reduce risk.

  • Physical Security & Facilities Management Software

    Constant has a successful partnership with Trackforce, providing an Integrated Security and Operational Management System for our customers. This system gives our clients peace of mind that assets are protected and facilities are in excellent condition. Trackforce tracks and generates metrics in real time, which increases transparency and allows our customers to make effective security decisions based on historical data.

    Key features include:

    • Web-based application built to streamline officer operations
    • Mobile app to better guide & manage security personnel
    • Mobile app to modernise guard touring & activity reporting
    • No more paper reports
    • Never miss an assignment
    • Motivate with recognition
    • Modernise security services
    • Immediate assistance
    • Increase accountability
      Increase transparency.

    Our clients will have the opportunity to access our platform with their own username and password. The platform can also be configured to send automatic reports at a desired frequency (daily, monthly, weekly, quarterly or yearly). These reports can address specific KPIs such as number of completed tours or number of incidents.

    mPOST –Time & Attendance Tracking
    Our mPOST system allows for easy capture of time and attendance data. Online post orders management enables the Supervisor to distribute officer instructions seamlessly in real time for document compliance. Officers scan checkpoints at strategic locations to support compliance with patrol operations, transparency and ease of reporting. The system also enables incident reporting, capture of video and photos in addition to lone worker protection.

    • Track time for officers by site and shift to maximize efficiencies
    • Increase accuracy and improve compliance with overtime laws
    • Real-time alerts enable immediate supervisory response to coverage issues
  • Body Cameras

    Constant prides itself on ensuring its clients have access to the latest equipment in security technology. Body Cameras are a great way for security guards to capture real-time activity.

    Body cameras provide reassurance, confidence and support so security guards have the support they need to improve their effectiveness on the job. If your security needs are located in high risk sites, talk to Constant about our special security guard services with body worn cameras.

  • Security Monitoring

    Constant provides 24/7 monitoring services managed from its first class Control Room. Our experience, means we can provide tailored solutions to our customers, covering back-to-base alarm and video monitoring services.

    24/7 Security Monitoring

    Constant’s 24/7 Monitoring Control Room provides your business with piece of mind, both during and after business hours. Our rapid response to a variety of situations from break and entry to fire alarms, ensures your premises and assets remain safe. Join the many Australian businesses that have already placed trust in Constant.