Security services exist to meet the real needs of an ever-changing, never quite a certain world. Understanding the scope and shape of those needs and delivering flawless, tailored solutions has been our primary business focus for over a decade.

CONSTANT security services aim to protect customers’ assets, reduce their risk exposure and optimise safety. We are relentless in our pursuit of service excellence, with a record of success that speaks for itself. We are Constant.

CONSTANT service – 24hrs per day, 365 days per year.


Protective Services

  • Static Guarding
    Static Guarding

    Constant security delivers a whole solution for people and premises, minimising risk, optimizing protection and facilitating quality management. Our highly trained officers and state-of-the-art surveillance equipment safeguard your premises against intrusion and unwanted attention.

    Each one of our security officers is trained and skilled in:

    • Effective communication
    • Detailed reporting
    • Access control
    • Building operations

    To avoid unwanted interruptions, you need a security service that is flexible, efficient and constant. Constant Static Security safeguards:

    • Shopping centres
    • Retail stores
    • Industrial complexes
    • Building and project sites
    • Corporate or residential high-rise

    Risks are minimal when Constant Security is on hand. Our staff will:

    • Monitor CCTV, access control and BMS systems, fire systems
    • Conduct routine and random security checks
    • Manage contractors and visitors
    • Co-ordinate parking, vehicular and pedestrian traffic
    • Report on hazard and urgent maintenance issues.

    Constant has built partnerships with hundreds of clients. It understands the importance of building strength, stability and powerful business intelligence. Clients rely on us to team with staff and stakeholders, creating a seamless professional interface that takes care of your every day.

  • Concierge & Customer Services
    Concierge & Customer Services

    Our Concierge Security officers are skilled in managing building operations. Trained to ensure security awareness and optimise client relations, they provide a solid foundation for any asset management strategy, including:

    • Corporate reception
    • High rise commercial and residential
    • Colleges and institutions; Retail complexes; or Private residences

    Our concierges are hand-picked to fit the requirements of their specific deployment. Duties they are equipped to perform include:

    • Customer service and PR
    • First contact advice to clients
    • Emergency services
    • Regular health and safety checks and CCTV monitoring
    • Record-keeping for all project work and activities
  • Loss Prevention
    Loss Prevention

    Constant Security has the experience across a broad range of retail formats and continues to work with leading retailers in Australia. Our experience enables us to design and implement a Loss Protection strategy that fits seamlessly with your day-to-day operations, reducing shrinkage and protecting the bottom-line.

    Our officers are trained to watch closely, skilled in the use of the latest security technology and uncompromising in their commitment to customer satisfaction.

    Door Greeters

    Smartly groomed, uniformed Constant Security officers add another layer of professionalism to your customer interface. Our Retail Team-members are always friendly, polite, and well-informed when required to assist with a customer enquiry. But beneath the smile, they are trained security operatives. Constant Security protects your profit margin from theft and keeps your assets safe.

    Covert Officers

    Undercover, always discreet but ever alert, a Constant Security presence on your shopfloor will help reduce the shrinkage.

    Our officers are trained to deal with offenders effectively, without the fuss. Once detected, the offender is either prevented or apprehended and handed over to the police, with a written report and any supporting video or photographic evidence.

    Cut your losses and protect your people with Constant Security’s Retail service. Call Constant Security today and arrange an obligation-free consultation.

  • Mobile Security
    Mobile Security

    Constant’s Mobile Security provides a range of options designed to safeguard commercial and residential premises 24/7. With trademark professionalism, our trained security officers, backed by the latest in communications and navigational technology, serve as a strong deterrent to intruders.

    All fleet vehicles have GPRS tracking. Our officers carry patrol wands, integrated with an electronic system to log time onsite and patrol points checked. Our standard procedures continue to exceed industry requirements.

    We are committed to rapid incident response and comprehensive risk assessment. Every Constant Mobile Security solution comes backed by long experience and powerful strategic intelligence.

    It pays to be protected, but only when the protection is Constant.

    Mobile Patrols

    For over a decade, Constant’s Mobile Patrols have been securing significant premises across the nation including corporate, commercial, residential, high-rise apartments, banks and government assets. A visible security presence offers genuine deterrence value, keeping unwelcome intruders at bay.

    At the beginning of the day, Constant ensures your premises are business-ready when staff or customers arrive. Then, at the close of trading, before the last person has left the building, we ensure all lock-up procedures have been followed. If required, our officers are on hand to accompany key staff to their vehicle or nearest public transport.

    Constant’s Mobile Patrol Officers are expertly trained in surveillance and strategic risk assessment. We have a policy of 100% professionalism at all times. We don’t accept less from our staff.

    Rapid Response

    Constant offers an efficient, fully-integrated incident response service for the capital city CBDs with end-to-end management, comprising:

    • Despatch of the patrol vehicle
    • Real-time delivery of base to patrol site information
    • On-site assessment and analysis
    • Detailed incident reporting

    Speed, intelligence and reliability are critical in effective incident response. Constant has the team, the technology and expertise that comes with long experience to ensure our clients’ needs are well served. We are industry leaders in surveillance and asset protection, our quality is Constant.