Over the past decade, we have earned our status as the premier provider of Entertainment Security Services, along with Event and Production Personnel. With a core team assigned exclusively to the design and implementation of Events and Entertainment security solutions, we are the industry’s benchmark service provider.

Behind the scenes you need well trained presence, skilled crowd control, professional entertainment and production security, along with first class event and production personnel. That’s why clients keep coming back to Constant.


Events & Entertainments

  • Crowd Control
    Crowd Control

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    Constant Security provides a trained and watchful presence, skilled in crowd control, incident management and close communication. We take care of the detailed planning and have strict procedures in place to manage the unplanned.

    For over a decade, Constant has delivered security solutions for a broad range of high-profile corporate, industry and community events, including:

    • Festivals and Carnivals
    • Concerts
    • Launches and Red Carpets
    • Corporate and Private Functions
    • Celebrity Events
    • Community, Sports and Leisure events.

    When it comes to Event Security, Constant leads the field.


    Venue security service is a specialised field, requiring a trained and measured approach. The key elements of Constant’s professional service delivery include a detailed knowledge of the facility layout
and surrounding precincts, close cooperation with venue staff and a tailored contingency plan.

    Our licensed Security Officers have completed relevant Security Industry training and Police checks. All are PR trained and Customer Service focused, ensuring unmatched professional excellence. Anything less than Constant is a risk.

  • Entertainment & Production Security
    Entertainment & Production Security

    Constant Security has the proven experience and capability to mitigate the full spectrum of security and safety risks associated with entertainment and film production.

    Our services include:

    • Location-Specific Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Analysis
    • Location Safety and Security Services
    • Specialised Coverage for Red Carpet Events, Press Tours and Public Appearances
    • Close Protection for Celebrities and Notable Talent

    Our depth of experience, gained over a decade, allows us to handle the most challenging of situations, ensuring your crew and equipment are protected, so your production teams and talent can focus on their craft and maintain tight production schedules.

    When it comes to post-production, we are leaders in planning and managing the safety and security for red carpet events, premiers, press tours and public appearances.

    Television and Radio

    As the nation’s preferred media security solution, our honour-roll of client success is a testament to exceptional service.

    Constant’s intelligent approach to security minimises risk and offers the most comprehensive protection in the market. We safeguard your valuable assets with the assurance gained from a decade of experience in Television and Radio security.

    If you want your media event to run to a script, the logical option is Constant.

  • Event Personnel
    Event Personnel

    Constant’s breadth of experience provides event support services. We are a dedicated, nationwide event-support services provider, a one-stop shop for event personnel.

    To take an event successfully from pre-production to post-performance requires a wide range of skills, teamwork and absolute dedication. The staff at Constant combines all these qualities to an exceptional degree. We are experienced, client-focused and 100% professional. When the pressure’s on, we perform.

    Constant is consistently engaged to support high-end events across the nation, including:

    • Major sporting events
    • Conferences and Corporate events
    • Roadshows
    • International artists in concert
    • Music Festivals
    • Film Premieres
    • Product Launches
    • National Awards Events

    Whatever event you may be planning, we have the people to ensure a success:

    • Creative Consultants
    • Site Managers
    • Events Managers
    • Artist Liaison
    • Front of House Services, including:
      • Front of house managers
      • Ushers
      • Marshalls
      • Crowd mangers
      • Box office attendants
    • Ticketing Management
    • Administration Support
    • Bar Personnel
    • Event/Site Crew
  • Production Personnel
    Production Personnel

    Constant’s breadth of experience provides event support services. We are a dedicated, nationwide event-support services provider, a one-stop shop for production support.

    The skills, experience and organisational drive required to manage a full-scale production are considerable and diverse. But no matter the kind or scale of event you are producing, you can rely on Constant for end-to-end support.

    Our expertise includes:

    • TV and Film Production
    • Theatre Production
    • Concert and Festival Production
    • Event Production

    We have the personnel to meet your every production-management need and the scope to ensure the highest levels of success. Our Production staff includes:

    • Production Consultants
    • Production Managers
    • Stage Managers
    • Show Caller
    • Operators – Lighting/Sound
    • Production Crew