Constant is proud to serve, and justifiably proud of its impeccable service record.

Since our humble beginnings, our values and commitment to clients have not deviated one millimetre. In our internal workings, our client-focus and deep sense of environmental responsibility , Constant is profoundly community-minded.

On the business level, we are a model of absolute professionalism. Our service delivery is everything it promises – thorough, efficient, personable and responsive. Much of our business is generated by word of mouth for the very reason that those who use our services are, without exception, more than happy to recommend us.

We refuse to compromise on the delivery of completely effective professional services. The expectation placed on all our employees is that they will be respectful and positively proactive in their dealings with the wider community.

We strive to create a positive impact on:

The environment

Our fellow team members

Every one of our stakeholders, and

The community at large

This expectation is supported by a regime of regular training and review, ensuring that the values Constant espouses are in perfect alignment with the manner of our service provision.