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Constant’s Corporate Concierge Officer provide visible protective assistance and excellent customer service, at the front line of premium premises (such as commercial offices, museums, and art galleries). As licenced security guards, they are responsible for delivering Constant’s high-quality security solutions in line with your requirements and enhancing your visitors’ experience.

When students leave home to study, they embark on a new journey of self-reliance and self- discovery, and often in new student accommodation. There are many life-changing challenges facing students living away from home for the first time, which is why our Security Officers are trained in keeping the premises secure, providing excellent customer services, working with children and in extreme circumstances dealing with mental health issues.

Smartly groomed, uniformed Constant Customer Service Security officers add another layer of professionalism to your customer engagement. Our Customer Service team are always friendly, polite, and well-informed when required to assist with a customer enquiry.

Our Control Room Officers are proficient in monitoring various CCTV, access control and BMS systems, fire systems, conducting routine and random security checks, reporting on hazards and urgent maintenance issues for your facility.

The loading dock is often a high-risk area for employee and visitor safety. Our Loading Dock Security Officers expedite the flow of incoming and outgoing trucks and shipping containers in a safe manner, with a focus on reducing theft for your organisation. Our loading dock officer also manage contractors and visitor inductions, co-ordinate parking, manage vehicle and pedestrian traffic and conduct weigh bridge checks for trucks and heavy vehicles upon entry and exit.

Constant ensures your premises are business-ready when staff or customers arrive. Then, at the close of trading, before the last person has left the building, we ensure all lock-up procedures have been followed, leaving your premises secured. All fleet vehicles have GPRS tracking, and Constant’s Mobile Patrol Officers are trained in surveillance and strategic risk assessment.

Our experience with some of the leading retailers in Australia enables us to design and implement a Loss Protection strategy that fits seamlessly with your day-to-day operations. Our LPO’s can assist in reducing shrinkage and protecting your bottom-line, utilising both security personnel and technology such as body cameras. Retail Loss Prevention officers can operate in an overt or covert (undercover) manner. Our officers undertake unique observational training, developing exceptional skills to discreetly identify suspicious behaviour and potential threat of theft.

Whether our security officers are on foot or in a mobile patrol vehicle, our visible security presence offers genuine deterrence, keeping unwelcome intruders at bay.

Key to successful crowd management is to deploy the appropriate number of skilled officers, with abilities to monitor and read crowd behaviour and impeccable de-escalation skills. Crowd management involves a detailed plan that is developed in partnership well before bump-in and extends to bump-out of the last personnel and equipment. It goes without saying, to ensure everyone’s safety, we work closely with the local NSW Police Area Commands or equivalent in other states.

Our depth of experience in providing security services to the film, television and radio industry, assures your production crew and talent can get on with what is most important, unencumbered by security concerns. Even before filming begins, we will work with your production team to evaluate risks and develop a bespoke security plan. Potential services include – Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments, Production Security Planning and Production Security Officers.

Constant will not only ensure the security and safety of the entire production site, equipment, production crew and the talent, but will work with you to ensure tight production schedules are met.

Key elements of Constant’s professional venue security include developing a detailed knowledge of the venue layout, surrounding areas of interest and precincts, fostering close cooperation with venue staff and a providing a tailored contingency plan for all circumstances.

Our teams are well trained to ensure your patrons have an enjoyable and safe experience whether the event is within a venue, pop-up or outdoors, utilising a similar approach to crowd management, which begins well in advance of the event. The types of security services we offer range from the provision of Customer Service Officers, Ushers, Ticket attendants, and Entry Bag Scanning.

Contants Risk Assessments identify, control and mitigate risks to the site pertaining site safety, security, electronic security system design, operations and requirements.

Risk assessment is the overall process of risk identification, risk analysis and risk evaluation. It does not consider risk factors, such as financial and public relations risks.

This security and safety audit is intended for the use of the client and specific stakeholders for the purpose of knowing the risk areas and recommendations.

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Our national footprint encompasses eight offices located across all states and territories in Australia, enabling service delivery at both a state and national level. This reach underpins our capacity to service contracts on any scale, with each state’s local knowledge being supported by the specialist executive leadership team – ensuring service consistency across the country.

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Our company structure is flat, providing our clients and staff direct access to our most senior management for greater engagement and flow of communication.

Our National Operations Centre is located at our Head Office and is integral to the success of delivering consistent service outcomes, providing support to our teams and our clients on a 24/7 basis.




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