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Sustainability is a commitment to developing business practices, demonstrating a high degree of environmental responsibility. Constant makes this commitment as an act of good corporate citizenship.


We recognise and embrace the opportunity of taking leadership in this area of universal public concern through the environmentally sustainable practices implemented in our workplace in the company’s core activities.



Sustainability is achieved through:

Promoting an awareness of the environmental impact due to our business activities

Acting on that awareness to ensure we are operating within the parameters of ‘environmental best practice’

Educating our staff and industry partners in the etiquette of environmentally responsible behaviour

Adopting performance measures aimed at meeting agreed on sustainability objectives

The practical steps we have taken to meet sustainability objectives include:

The establishment of an Eco Vehicle Policy, whereby Constant staff have minimised their carbon footprint through the use of regularly maintained, CO2-efficient motor vehicles.

Acceptance of a ‘Green Office’ initiative designed to effect waste reduction through recycling, reuse and an in-principle system of paperless communication.

An ongoing educational program for staff in the environmental benefits of work and lifestyle sustainability objectives.

At Constant, we don’t just talk sustainability, we walk it, with measurable steps and regular auditing of our progress towards the achievement of optimal environmental responsibility.


In all our practices we ensure compliance with the industry standard, ISO14000.

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